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Get your own search engine it will increase your earnings

Did you know that there are opportunities to create a custom search engine that gives you even more financial room - not so silly, strange or odd, Or? Just a few years back it was a great project to fix your own search engine and cost a lot of money. But now you can fix this for free if you use Google's technology that lets you build a search engine for your web site or blog, free "for free". It is Google's so-called "custom search engine" that you can make use of. If you also already an adsense account so there is nothing to wait for.

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What is a search engine - and how is it structured?
The various search engines are built in a similar way and use automated programs (also called crawlers or search spiders ) that scans the various websites.

The contents of the websites are classified and indexed by the crawler ( spider ), and gives the specific home pages worth . The currently largest search engine Google, use the " Page Rank (PR) " to denote this value.

For example, when Googlebot ( Google 's robot) visits a website for the first time , becoming only the main page indexed . A so-called "Deep crawl" ( deep scan ) of the website can take place much later than one month from the main page has been indexed . In depth increase is indexed each underside which is internally linked to the main page. Follow the link " custom search engine ", and read more on Google's information so that you can finally get started with your own search engine.


Google give you examples if have a blog or website using this feature for you to earn more money. So are you looking for something specific on my page , you can do so here:

Google utilize unique way to use their search technology !
A Google " Custom Search Engine" , Can you replace your dearly earned or downright shoddy search engine on your web site and change the Google's powerful alternative. This allows your visitors beast best possible results when they search something on your site and thus recur more often than not for wanting to learn or explore the site further.

Before you begin, it is worth noting that the free version of Custom Search , Google displays sponsored results with your search results , then there will always be some ads on the search results page. This is certainly not a problem for you, because most people who visit your site, can easily distinguish Google ads from the real, sought after search results and will promptly jump past the ads. If you use Google AdSense you can link ads to search result page to your AdSense account , so it will benefit you if someone clicks on one of these ads.

But if you do not want to take the risk of having people click on Google ads and possibly leave your site because of the same reason, you can pay from $ 100 a year for " Google Site Search " , meaning you can remove the ads, and you are guaranteed support and greater customization options. Definitely worth considering if you have a high income site, where the search is very important.

Configure your custom search engine.
To set up your Google Custom Search Engine, go to and click "Create a Custom Search Engine ".

Note: The content in your articles is what counts - thats it . Before you start to think about search engine optimization you must have this in mind. The more powder you put on really good and relevant information about your services and products , the more chance you will succeed in attracting customers to your site through Google. Primarily, the entries for , but also own pictures ( with alternative lyrics ) and personal videos can improve your page rankings.

With really good content increases the chance that others want to link to your site . In addition to the potential customers who come directly from these links, it also provides positive signals to Google , whose only goal is to present the most relevant search results to a specific search. That other links to your site are just a sign that your content is relevant . You can fix some inbound links by submitting your site to the so-called link directories. Good Luck!
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