torsdag 16 januari 2014

A Chevrolet in the mud

Is chevrolet an Opel or an Opel a Chevrolet ? May I offer you an unlikely chevrolet history when Chevrolet was still a chevy ? Just recently there were opportunities to gain a new old Chevrolet, the place you 'd gone to was Lambrecht Chevrolet of Pierce, Nebraska . There is a small car dealership in a small town that sold Chevrolet for about 50 years. Some cars were never sold and at a quick glance, there were about 50 cars where some cars had not gone more than 32 miles and where some still had the plastic still on the seats.

File:Cuban style car.JPG

The old chevy with family the father of four children fell through the soft mud - was found again after 23 years of his grandson. The car was found in a swamp is still preserved but will not start any more. Incredible, sad story from Cuba ! A cold autumn morning in November 1948 would be the family man Reinaldo Juan Badoor, go for a ride with his old Chevy to sell two pigs in the local market outside Cárdenas, this was obviously not the first time Reinaldo went away, but was repeated several times a month. They soon realized that something unexpected had happened when they didn't not hear from the father of several hours. They knew from the past that his father always kept vulnerable times. They contacted the local police office and the local rescue services that was not so developed at the time and started with the search. It was well known, this special swamps which were along the way which the Father normally not took, because of the poorly groomed road - this road used Reinaldo very rarely and therefore concentrated search on the regular route.

But time passed and passed and finally it went all of 23 years old when his grandson Pedro one day was out to look for his dog that had run away the day before. The year was 1971, a relatively beautiful and warm morning - Pedro donned their special swamp shoes and trudged out into the wet environment to look for his beloved dog, when suddenly he accidentally stepped on something that seemed like a distorted mirror. And judge for Pedros surprise when he just hands dug , ripped and got to see an old car to be completely buried in the swamp as he had crossed thousands of times , and not only that - it was his grandfather's old Chevy that he had found. Police were called and they found soon, even the remains of Reinaldo Juan Badoor who finally got the funeral as everyone had hoped for a long time . Everyone else in the family was at that time still stuck living outside Cárdenas, unfortunately so did the mother kill herself in a very early stage because of what happened that cold autumn day in 1948. Great story !

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